Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodnight Moon, Happy Birthday Berg!

In celebration of our little Bergie turning two, we threw him a grandiose, live version of his favorite book, Goodnight Moon

We actually had a lot of things on hand from the story already, so all we had to do was find some little odds and ends, like the phone, brush and mouse and paint the large pictures that were in the story. (Thanks to Eben breaking the gigantic mirror that was in one of them we already had a large empty frame.)  The kids had a fun time helping me paint the cow jumping over the moon and the three little bears sitting in chairs pictures that we hung in the chapel at Lake City. For our thank you/treat bags each kid took home a comb, a packet of mush (oatmeal) and a punchy balloon. Welcoming each family as they arrived was the little table with the comb and brush and bowl of mush and a scavenger hunt for them to find all the things from the story which were hidden all around the chapel.
Preparations for Bergie's Goodnight Moon Party
After our scavenger hunt (which was harder than I had planned, everything was in plain sight, but no one except Grandpa could find the mouse), we prayed for Berg and had some fried chicken and mush which this time was mashed potatoes with gravy. The big kids ate at one of the big tables.

The little kids and the birthday boy ate at the little table.

The church's little house, was a big hit with everyone.

As I read the Goodnight Moon book, different kids were chosen to go get the named item from around the room and put it in the right spot in the great green room. Kivi had decided a long time ago that she would play the part of the quiet old lady whispering, "hush". By the time we were done reading the story it actually looked somewhat like the sweet scene in the book!

It only takes a handful of families to fill up the great green room. 

We sang, "Happy Birthday" to our big boy and let him lick the candles on his moon cake. 
"Moon and Stars" cake and cake balls.
However, he chose to eat a "star" cake ball and ice cream. It's easier to cram it in your mouth without the stick.

He just made it through opening all of his presents and giving hugs to everyone as he opened their gifts. 

Our little family with our birthday boy, Berg, in the great green room.

This is the only picture of the whole room all decorated where you can see the cool, crackling fire Peter found at our new condo for the scene! After the party is when Berg actually got to interact with his whole Goodnight Moon scene. He went around the whole stage talking on the phone, looking at the fire, and playing with the balloon, mouse and bunny all by himself, which is a rare opportunity in our household.
Berg in his great green room.
We love you Berg a Boo! You bring so many smiles to our faces and make us laugh all the time, especially now that you talk up a storm! You are obedient, gentle and have a sweet, loving spirit. You love your baby Pella and following around all your big siblings. You love books, going outside, playing with the "chuckspin" (truck bin) and eating food (preferably snacks). You are a wonderful, precious gift from God. We are so thankful that He blessed our family with you! I can't believe you're already two. Happy second birthday, Berg!


Momacita said...

I hope Berg got our birthday email greeting that we sent from Israel! I love the party theme. It looks like everyone had a great time. I bet he was worn out by the end. He is such a sweet boy. I can't wait to see him walk - yes, it's been that long!!!! Oh how I miss you.

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