Friday, June 1, 2012

Awana Awards

Not only was Awana necessary for our family to be in a small group this year, but it really helped us step up learning our Bible verses. The kids worked really hard at memorizing verses this year at Awana. They love the Sparks and Cubbies programs.  Since it's the one extracurricular thing we are doing right now we can spend a lot of time working on verses and finishing our handbooks.

Kivi worked really hard this year and after finishing her review book she memorized tons of extra verses. She earned five special award pins and got a special mention at the ceremony and her name in the bulletin at church. 

Jasper finished his first year of Sparks, and even finished his review book and earned a special pin.

Eben finish his last year of Sparks, finishing his review book, earning 2 special award pins and received his Sparky plaque. I can't believe he'll be a TNTer next year!

Way to go kiddos! You did so well! Dada and I are so happy with all your hard work and determination memorizing those verses!

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Momacita said...

So glad the kids enjoy AWANA and are hiding God's Word in their hearts. It's so much easier to memorize when you're little. Remember your AWANA days with Arnette? You still have a special place in her heart.
I love you,