Monday, July 9, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Dada left for his annual Lodge Boy Reunion that happens every Memorial Day after Jasper and I got back from our Chuck E. Cheese date. He went to Oregon this year and did some deep sea fishing with the guys.

On the 25th, we hosted a sign making party for Mr. Joe's homecoming! The kids had so much fun painting in the letters (and out of the letters), playing with their friends and being excited for Reagan to see her Daddy again. For lunch we got some pizzas and set up a lemonade stand. On the 26th, we went to Mc Chord to welcome Mr. Joe home with our friends. It was a long wait, but the kids did great waiting on the bleachers and cheered and cheered when we finally got to see him.

The 27th and 28th we did a lot of Chinese stuff. We've "been in China" for a while now and so far we've created lanterns,

made Tea Eggs, Eight Treasure Rice Pudding and read the Chinese mysteries to go with them.

We've played all kinds of Chinese kid games like Knocking the Stick, Cat Catching Mice, Dragon's Tail, The Chop Stick Game, 

and Hopping Chicken.
I think Hopping Chicken was our favorite, we even taught our friends at a Chicken birthday party. Eben was the Champion.

When Dada got home from his Memorial Day trip, he taught the kids how to make origami cranes.
 Then Eben and Kivi worked on their panda reports. 
We are going to be in China for a while, there's a lot to learn here!


Momacita said...

Sounds like you all are learning a lot about China, and in such a creative way. Those tea eggs look really cool. Ahhhhh soooooooo.

Tiffany Nevil said...

Is it bad that I want to come to China with you? That looks so fun!

writer said...

woo, a wounderfull stuff, learn for other see the pure life happiness.