Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Garden Grew!

It's true! Dirt, water, and sun are really all you need to grow a garden! 
Since Peter built me a place to grow vegetables, hauled in the Tagro (Tacoma's free, human waste dirt!), and set up a sprinkler system for my little plants so they would get watered while we were gone so much this summer, I don't know if I can really take much credit for our garden doing so well. I did sow the seeds (I planted the chard, chives and tomato plants from starts), and I harvest the greens, but that's about it! I guess all the credit goes to my amazing hubby for supporting my dirty hobby and being excited for me when God's creation does what He designed it to do. 

May Garden

Swiss Chard

June Garden (view from the house)

July Garden (view from the lake)


This year we moved Opal's garden from the front, where it never gets sun to the back next to the garden boxes. She loved the idea. We painted her name on rocks and she painted that amazing blue butterfly! (I drew the outline, but still - I was super impressed.) We made her paths throughout her garden, (out of the wall that had fallen down the year prior, that Peter had to fix so all the dirt didn't fall into the lake) steps out of bricks we dug out of the chicken coop and river rocks. We put the bird bath in it and lots of vegetables that didn't fit in the boxes.  
Her favorite ended up being the sunflowers that we thought were going to be pole beans. Someone must have snuck them into the pots before putting them in the green house - good thing!

Opie's sunflowers in May:

Opie's garden in June (the big slab of cement got replaced by the river rock path that's outlined and moved to the other side of the garden boxes as a step):

Sunflowers in July:
The river rock path is now covered by the giant Hubbard squash.


Momacita said...

Impressive garden! It's fun to eat what you grow. The sunflowers are especially spectacular. Opal looks like a midget next to them! I'm glad your garden brings you so much joy.

Tiffany Nevil said...

WOW! I am so impressed! I remember reading about that human waste gig in Tacoma in the newspaper. The back yard looks amazing guys. I love what you've done with it!