Sunday, November 18, 2012

Apples, Cubbies and Wicked! Oh My!

We found more apples for Dada to magically turn into applesauce! He went right to work and stocked our pantry full of canned goodness.

Peter and I are the directors of our church's AWANA Cubbies this year! We've been having so much fun with our little kids, friends, neighbors - the Eriksons and Klosters are both helping us, and our own little Opal. 

During our first little fun night, we had a Cubbie PJ Party where we made a leaf wreath, watched a movie with glow sticks and had snacks, which was huge because we don't have snacks on our regular Cubbie nights.

For my 37th birthday, Peter surprised me by taking me to a fun, sit on the floor Moroccan restaurant and then to... 

Wicked! It was so funny and not at all what I was expecting.

Shmee and Steve joined us for the musical and desert afterwards at one of the Tom Douglas restaurants in Seattle. She made me the cute, little, croqueted belt. Thanks, Shmee!

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Momacita said...

Look at Peter getting all "Martha Stewart". I love that you guys are learning to do so many old fashioned, money saving, and yet fun things - like canning, and bee hiving, and making jam and gardening and sewing and...So glad you finally got to see Wicked. It's one of my all time favorite musicals. Happy Birthday!
I love you,