Monday, November 5, 2012

Eben's 9th Movie Birthday!

Eben is 9! How'd that happen?!? My first little baby is getting all big. He decided to have a "movie" party. What else? The kid loves movies. He'd watch them all day every day if we let him. We don't. We went full out and Dada rented a popcorn machine and cotton candy machine. He was in charge of concessions.

The kids helped me make our fun birthday cupcakes shaped like the cotton candy and popcorn.

Before the movie started, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Eben.

Now we have 10 birthday "Kissing Pictures" with this boy! (The first one was on the day he was born!)

Grandma and Grandpa helped make all the root beer floats.

We took over the downstairs room of our church where they have a big screen and projector and spread blankets all over the floor for kids to lay on and watch the chosen movie, The Lorax. The kids kept going back and forth collecting popcorn, cotton candy, root beer floats and cupcakes to snack on during the movie. Eben was in heaven.

Eben was able to invite a lot of friends to this birthday. We definitely got all the milage we could out of our rentals. We used up all our supplies.

He had so much fun and loved all his friends being their to celebrate with him. He was also very excited about getting presents! (He didn't get them the last two years because we didn't have parties.)

Happy Birthday Eben! We love you so much. You are a wonderful son. You are super helpful and funny. You are a good leader and friend. You love going to Computer Clubhouse, Robotics and Awana. You wear the same four outfits everyday. You are always singing, humming a tune, or making some sort of sound. You are very creative. You are getting better and better at sharing what you have with your siblings. You love them, but you don't like to be kissed by them so much. Probably because they want to kiss you all the time. You're so lovable. We pray that you will use your love and your life to glorify God in all you do. We know God will use you to do great things for His kingdom!


Momacita said...

What a perfect party idea for Eben, movie fanatic that he is. I love the popcorn cake. My, how the years have flown by! Next year Eben will begin the double didgits! I've been telling him since he was a very little boy that he will never, ever be too big to kiss his Nonnie. Hopefully my brain-washing has worked :).

Kristen Victor said...

I just love your clever party ideas! I'm from southern California, so I was also glad to see your husband's In 'n Out shirt!