Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some Christmasy Stuff, Dec. 13-16th

Dec. 13th - We watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas as Pella crawled around and danced in her Who piggy tails.

Dec. 14th - Sewing Day!! We made the cutest little animals to give with our World Vision gifts this year. Our gifts were the gift of giving and we explained how there were so many other people in the world who didn't have as much as we did so we were going to give chickens and donkeys and rabbits and ducks to our family and some friends, but they wouldn't actually get them, so we made them instead so our loved ones would remember the love they sent and feel our homemade love. This was one of the chickens we invented. The girls had the best time with these little chickens! They played with them forever making them nests, roosts, a whole coop. I think they forget we have real ones right outside!

Kivi got quite good at hand sewing with those little fingers.

These are our rabbit and duck creations:

Jasper finally got to learn how to sew too! He was "sew" excited!

He made himself a yellow pillow, which he has slept with every night since.

 Dec. 15th - I made a peach pie, and marionberry bars for Christmas parties and I went to my first Nogger party with my friend Stephanie which was hosted by my lovely sister, Shmee, at her place in Seattle. My shirt said, "Stop, Nog and Roll" with cute graphics and hers said, "Sheriff of Noggingham". We realized we were old after having to leave at 10:30pm so we wouldn't fall asleep while driving.

Dec. 16th - The kids sang in church. The little ones did the traditional Away in a Manger song while wearing the sheep gear  and the big kids sang Peace on Earth. It was very beautiful. Once Dada got home from work we went to our friends house for a fun Happy Birthday Jesus party, where we stole a great movie gift in the gift exchange. That night we made some Christmas sugar cookies. 

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Momacita said...

I'm so glad you're teaching the kids to bake and sew. Sewing is becoming a lost art. It looks like you had a pretty busy December.