Sunday, May 19, 2013

Discovery Bay Anniversary and Mother's Day

Peter's been working so hard at work and on our rentals that I thought it was a great idea when he told me we were going away for our 13th anniversary weekend. We took the kids with us, so it wasn't so much a romantical anniversary weekend. Actually, the whole first day was kind of rough. 

The kids loved the pool and the big kids got to go swimming about 3 different times. Pella is so different than any of our other kids! She just walked down the stairs into the pool and kept going. She climbed out and tried to get back in all by herself. The rest of our kids are not daring like that. We'll have to keep a much closer eye on her.

Since the first day was not so amazing (lots of Pella crying. She's getting in her back teeth.) We decided to stay for one more night and make it a better day. We walked along the beach finding crabs, did crafts  Grandma sent with us, went to Goodwill, played in the toy isle and bought monster trucks for Berg and puzzles for Mama and Dada. Then Mama and Dada did a puzzle while the kids watched a movie and Pella actually took her naps - much more relaxing!

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Momacita said...

Thirteen years! Wow, where did the time go? So glad you could get away and celebrate with a mini vacation with the kids.