Monday, May 6, 2013

Rock Solid Kid's Spring Pageant

Eben, Kivi and Jasper were in a spring pageant this year at our church called Rock Solid. Eben had a solo and he and Jasper were dancers and Kivi was an actor! Mama was the choreographer. We had one performance on April 28th and the kids rocked it! Here are some stills from the big night.

Kivi played the very confident, prepared hiker on the yellow hiking team. Following in her Dada's footsteps, she did a rap!

She had lots of props. She carried them all with her in a back pack, which she left on the front row of the audience, but like a pro went and retrieved it during the performance without anyone knowing it was a mistake. I didn't even notice her going off stage to get it!

The boys doing everyone's favorite move in "Walkin' By Faith".

Eben's solo was great!

Eben and Jasper in the dance where they got to use hiking sticks, "God Does".  

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Momacita said...

Will you bring the video of the play when you come for the wedding? I can't wait to see it!