Monday, April 29, 2013

April - Bikes, Sew, Chop, Wash, Dirt

Bikes - Opal and Jasper are both learning how to ride a two-wheeler this month. We've taken them a couple different times to get the hang of it. Opal is super close to not needing training wheels at all!

Sew - While Poppie and Nonnie were here, they helped a ton! We even got the flower girl dresses done for Buggy's wedding!

 Chop - sticks. Berg has mastered the chopsticks. A two year old eating with chopsticks is the cutest thing. He's always wanted to eat with utensils, even when he was a baby he'd hold the fork, just so he'd look like the rest of us at dinner.

Chop - wood. Jasper getting a man lesson from Dada on how to use the chainsaw. 

Wash - Kivi has come up with a great plan for the little kids while she and Eben are doing their jobs. She puts them to work and they love it! Berg is usually the one helping her with dishes, but this day Eben snatched him up to help him wash the bathroom floors. She put aprons on Opal and Pella and set them up to wash all the pots and pans. They had such a fun time! (Jasper reads to Mama at this time of the morning.)

Dirt - Pella loves it and so does Mama. Pella has become my gardening helper. Although she is mainly taking dirt out of my garden beds instead of actually "helping". She's with me and she loves the outdoors like her big brother, Berg. They go all over the place together adventuring and finding new places to dig. Here are the two new garden boxes Dada built the day before Easter (and filled with dirt while I was on the Women's Retreat!) and are now filled with veggies!

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Momacita said...

Yes, I'm so glad we got the dresses done. What a relief! Your garden looks wonderful. It will be fun reaping the benefits of your labor.