Monday, October 28, 2013

Lake City Community Church Family Reunion!

While Poppie and Nonnie were here visiting for their summer visit, they stayed at our house with the little two and we took the older four to our church's family camp. We had so much fun playing games with our kids, playing our nerd games without the kids in our cabin/house with friends, seeing our friends every second of the day, not caring where our kids were because we knew they were safe and having a great time, finding fun hidden adventures like a giant swing and archery, swimming in the pool, watching our daughter lead worship and worshipping God. We also loved the skit show where Dada and Mr. Pritchard did a balloon ballet. 

The highlight though was the last day when Kivi was baptized! She had wanted to be baptized in the lake there, but it had algae bloom so the baptism was held in the pool and she was fine with that. She had been excited for this for a while. Poppie and Nonnie and Grandpa even made it out to watch. She gave her sweet testimony and Dada baptized her "in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" and gave her a big hug as soon as she came up out of the water. 
We are so excited for you Kivi Girl and love your passion for Jesus, learning about Him and wanting to live your life for Him! You give all you have to Him and memorize scripture like crazy. You are an amazing testimony to Dada and I both. We love you and your love for your God and devotion to Him.

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