Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Poppie, Nonnie and Mimi Month!

After we got back from almost 3 weeks in California, Poppie Nonnie and even Mimi for a while came up and spent almost 3 weeks with us in Washington. They were there to celebrate Kivi's day, go to the Tacoma Children's museum, do lots of wakeboarding and hydrofoiling behind the boat, watch the babies while we went to our church's family camp, go to the rain forest and of course work on rentals, ours included! It was so much fun to have them for the time they were here. We love them! Peter even invented "Room in a Box" to transform our dining room into a bedroom every night. 

They were also able to see the kid's little performance of Noah's Ark that they practiced all week at a music camp.

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