Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little Summer Things

Here are some random things that happened at the end of July and August that I will probably forget if I don't write them down somewhere.

July 29th: We had a chicken escape and looked and looked everywhere for her. We had actually given up for a while when Pella the great chicken wrangler found her inside the house, caught her and carried her around for everyone to see before putting her back in the coup.

Poppie and Nonnie had brought us back some delicacies from Cambodia - Freeze Dried Tarantulas! So we decided to get them out and try them. All the kids tasted them but Opal and Pella ended up eating most of them. They loved the "beef jerky flavor". It was pretty gross watching them pull the legs off and eat them up!

August 27th: As we are in the middle of morning devotions, one of the kids spots the little pontoon boat floating out into the lake. Jasper and Kivi run and get their bathing suits on and dive in to save it. The little boat almost floated 3/4 of the way across the lake before they were able to swim out and reach it, but they made it and rowed it all the way back as we stood on the deck and cheered them on. What a morning workout!

Also Aug. 27th, I finally take a picture of Baby Bear and the cupcake cravings. I have eaten a cupcake almost everyday of this pregnancy. (Which might be why I am bigger and heavier than I've ever been before during a pregnancy!) I blame Peter. He went to the farmer's market every week to buy me my weekly supply of amazing, to die for cupcakes.

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