Wednesday, November 12, 2014


On September 8th we decided to head to another county. The kids had been wanting to learn about Italy and our books from the library had come in so we built a time machine/plane and flew back in time to Rome, because if you're going to Italy, you might as well start way back. (We're actually still there. There's a lot of material to cover.)

The first thing we did was dress in togas and get our passports stamped.

We learned that most Roman meals consisted of cheese, bread, eggs, fruit and wine (grape juice), so for many of our lunches we ate just that. We also turned it into a cheese contest and everyone voted for their favorite cheeses. (Grocery Outlet has some great prices on cheese!) The favorites ended up being extra sharp cheddar and plain goat cheese. Brie was not a favorite, the older kids called it smelly cat cheese.
After learning a lot about Rome we had a DaVinci week, a Galileo week and done a lot of artwork, reading and science projects. Soon we should get to modern day Italy!

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