Sunday, March 22, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Both Eben and Kivi had been learning piano this year, and our whole family was here for Shmee's engagement and Christmas so we figured why not have a Christmas piano recital? Eben and Kivi did a wonderful job practicing their Christmas songs and figuring out who would play what at the recital. We moved the keyboard upstairs and had a sing-a-long recital to the music they played. They even made programs. Eben designed the cover and Kivi learned how to use my (still) favorite program - Publisher.

 They played individual songs and then a duet for Joy to the World. They did an excellent job!

We had a couple of minutes for some cuddle (and whatever they are doing to Kirk and Bug) time before we left for the Christmas Eve candlelight service.

Our family, for the first time I think ever, wearing whatever they wanted to on Christmas Eve. Usually I'm pretty controlling about the whole matching, looking super good on this night, but too many other thing were going on and I let it go. And look at that, they're still all wearing Christmassy colors. They know how to make Mama happy.

After the service, we came back home and opened the white boxes with the silver bows - matching Christmas jammies! The ones for Tuff turned out so cute!

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