Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas was a blast! Lots of family crowded around in our tiny, little house. Everyone waiting for the traditional parade up the stairs while singing of "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"
Then we blew out His candles on the birthday cake,

and took the Christmas family picture!
Next, we listened to Luke 2, Jesus' birthday story. This year it was different because instead of sitting all together as a family, each kid had their own adults to sit with!
 Stockings were passed out and kids opened while loving aunts and (soon to be) uncles applauded each little gift.
Dada gave each kid a gift certificate to buy animals for needy kids through World Vision and Grandma and Grandpa gave each kid their traditional chick cookies which represent the chickens they bought for needy families in their honor.

After a delicious breakfast of who knows what now (it's been to long and there are no pics of it, but I'm guessing Swiss eggs), we all started the long, fun process of gift giving, receiving, hugging thanks and playing with the new "stuff".
We also played with the new Tuff! It was great to have our new little man around for such a wonderful day! My biggest and littlest babies!

What a treat to have all those grandmas and grandpas!
 As always, Dada ended the gift portion of the day with a scavenger hunt. One of the clues was divided between Missa Teeve and Uncle Kookie and the kids almost tore them apart looking for them. They finally found all the clues which led to the laundry room and found a new iPad for the kids and silverware for Mama!! Thank you, Dada!

 Our fun, silly family on Christmas day.

The rest of the day included snacking, playing, laying and some unique activities that haven't been done before on Christmas like blasting off the rocket that Kookie and Bug got for the boys, riding on the moped and hot tubbing while watching a movie at the Evarts, because they were away and Nonnie and Poppie were staying there - so why not! It was a fun ending to a great day.

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