Friday, March 25, 2016

Baby Bear's First Birthday

Tuff's belly name was Baby Bear, so for his first birthday we decided to give hime a Bear Party on his actual birthday!

We decorated in green, red and browns and put up chalkboard signs, burlap, and painted trees and bears in all the windows. The chili was hot and cornbread muffins were ready to eat as guests arrived.
We made up an involved game, which Tuffy didn't even play, but all the other kids were great sports. The kids got in teams of two and were the Papa and Mama bear and had to find their bear cubs, a bag of gummy bears. But first they had to get food; berries (a bag of raspberry cookies), an insect (plastic toy bug) and fish (Swedish red fish). Jasper and Grace found their bear cubs the fastest. Before the game, I had to hide all of the items all over the house, which took a while so Dada led all the kids in the longest version of "Going on a Bear Hunt". It was hilarious.

Everyone who came to love our Baby Bear.

Then it was cake time!

Tuff was definitely our best one year old cake eater. I think he ate half the cake!

Tuffy's second "kissing picture"!

Happy Birthday Tuffy! You are so loved. Your brothers and sisters all race to you and bargain with each other over who can hold you and feed you and clean you up. During your first year of life, we moved, so you will never know the Lake Louise house. You had to transition to formula from breast milk at 7 months because of Baby Thumper and it took you a while to make the switch. You hardly ate any baby food, because you love to feed yourself you've mainly eaten tiny bite sized pieces of whatever we are eating. You love "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and other songs with motions. You love music and bouncing your body up and down is your dance. You can sit. You don't crawl or say any words yet. You love people and to show off in front of others. You love to get your brothers and sister to do whatever you are doing. Usually, hitting the table and then lifting your arms up and yelling. We are so happy to have you in our family and know you will do great things with your life to glorify the Lord! We love you, Tuff!

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