Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Eben's Maker Birthday!

Eben really wanted a Maker Party for his 12th birthday, and we found out that on the 7th of November Barnes and Noble was hosting a Maker Fair, so it seemed like the perfect combo. Plus, we were already behind in throwing him a party. The boys all came over and ate chips, Wendy's hamburgers and soda. That's what the boy wanted. We decorated in purple (his favorite color, see his shirt) and Eben set up some squishy circuits that we borrowed from computer clubhouse.

After they all ate, we headed to Lakewood Town Center for the fair. Really it ended up being more of some demonstrations, but this is also Eben's favorite store, so it was ok. We saw and participated in the demos (after begging the guy, apparently they thought they were done for the day) then looked around at fun games, toys and books. There were a couple of cool robots.
When we arrived back home, we found out that Dada had been hard at work ripping out the carpet in the kitchen!! Who puts carpet in a kitchen? It was so dirty and gross. Now we have gross looking red tile! Much better. (It looks dirty because of all the carpet glue.)
 We kissed our big 12 year old boy.

We sang him happy birthday and ate his birthday brownies, which I think he has chosen for two years in a row now, and then we watched him open some very great techy/Legoey presents.

Eben, you amaze us all the time. You are super creative, funny, responsible, witty, original, kind, helpful and cute. I can say you are cute even though you are twelve, because amazingly, you don't get embarrassed! You are very confident. You love computer clubhouse, computer games, wii, Studio C videos, anything on the computer actually and books. You are super helpful with your siblings, they love you and look up to you so much and you love your brothers and sisters, especially Tuff right now because he's the baby, and you love babies. You always have - good thing, you've been around a lot of babies in your life. You serve at church in Promiseland on the Serve Team and in Awana on the Serve Team and serve on the Adult Tech Team on Sundays. You are a great servant and are so quick to drop what you're doing and obey or help out when asked. We know God will bless you and use your servant's heart for His glory for His kingdom. Happy 12th, Cutie EbenMan!

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