Monday, December 17, 2018

August 2018!

Aug 2nd - Fake marshmallow roast because of fire ban.
Aug 5th - Swiggy crawls!
Aug 10-12th - All Church Family Reunion at Black Lake Bible Camp. Eben runs tech! Mama and Dada are Bob and Irene Hotdog and run programming. Eben and Kivi, Austin and Brylea do their devil/angel skit and Opal and Pella are in the party skit that Eben wrote. Nonnie and Poppie house the little boys.
Aug 14th - Mops Lake Day with the Slip and Slide
Aug 16th - Phantom of the Opera
Aug 22nd - Sweet Swiggy Sniffs
Aug 24th - Kinney, Schocks and Johnsons go to the Island. Again Eben alters photo. Berg and Pella play Settlers with Mama.
Aug 25th - Finish nailing up the Boy's Bathroom wall.
Aug 26th - Mama stains it to look old and weathered.

Aug 27th - Kivi lets the babies destroy her Algebra I. The construction of the great hammocks.
  Aug 29th - One final hammock is added and they stay up until the end of October.
Aug 30th - Every Wed while Jasper, Berg and Pella are at gymnastics in Dupont, Mama and the boys go on an excursion to the library, parks, gardens or friend's houses. This day we went blackberry picking and found a bunch of cute frogs.

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