Wednesday, December 12, 2018

July 2018!

July 1st  - The First Annual Tague Family Olympics! Kenzie and her kids come to stay with us for five days.

July 4th - The Steilacoom Parade and buying fireworks. And a picture of all the cousins.
July 5th - Kivi's Make a Commitment Dinner
July 6th - Kivi, Eben, Brylea and Grace ride their bikes on their own onto the ferry and all around Anderson Island. Dustin and Nathaniel come with us to help Mimi move up here to WA.
July 8th - Kivi goes to Black Lake Bible Camp M.S.
July 9th - Microsoft Tour
July 10th - Decorate Dada's office for his birthday. Julie, my bestest friend from Jr. High come to visit.
July 11th - Tuff finds dinosaur bones in our backyard, thanks to Poppie and Nonnie.
July 14th - Kivi's Birthday, morning wakeboard run, her 13th birthday Commitment Ceremony.
July 15-17th - Kivi's Huge Camping Birthday Party at Rainbow Falls

You are amazing, Kivi Girl! You set your goals high and accomplish them. You don't let your age stand in your way, in fact, you go the extra mile to prove you can overcome. You read like a fiend, conquering books in mere days, you jump higher, Heely faster, and memorize large amounts of Scripture. You were a Youth Leader this year in Awana, finished Algebra I, and earned your Meritorious Award. You love your brothers and sisters although you are starting to want to be with your friends more and more, bike riding to their houses, and they live miles away. But you will always have a soft spot for the baby of the family and right now that is your Swiggy. The Commitments you made to God and your future husband and shared with your church family will guide the decisions you make in life. Hold on tight to your Heavenly Father and talk to him more and more every day! We love you so much, Pea! Happy 13th Birthday!

July 20th - Sleepover at Buggy's House!
July 22nd - Eben goes to Black Lake Bible Camp H.S.
July 23rd - Tubing down the Green River
July 28th - Boating, Tubing, Diving (we actually did this all summer long, not just today!)

July 29-Aug 4th - Eben works at Duckabush.

July 30 - Painting class at the library.

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