Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Day In The Life Of A Johnson

On June 4, 2008, I decided to take pictures all day and record what we do all day. We have a family schedule and we usually follow it pretty well, some days, we have to be flexible, like this day. Because other things come up. So here's our little schedule that's always on our fridge:

8:30 - eat breakfast, Eben had granola, Kivi and Jasper had raisin toast. I feed Opal while they eat.

8:45 - Got dressed. Eben goes with Kivi to her room to get her clothes and Kivi goes to Eben's room with him to get his clothes, everyone brings their clothes back to the living room and we all get dressed together.

9:30 - "Word World" A TV show that they watch, they get to choose between Super Why or Word World, two great shows that teach about letters and reading.

10:00 - Jasper and Opal take a nap. Eben and Kivi have school time. Today Eben worked on capital letters and Kivi worked on drawing diagonal lines.

10:30 - Eben did reading and Kivi played
10:45 - snacks and then more playing

11:30 - Jasper wakes up and we all eat lunch - turkey rolls, string cheese, broccoli and carrots.
12:00 -Opal wakes up and I feed her
We forgot to brush teeth.

12:15 - Jobs - Kivi cleaned the table, and Eben took the clothes out of the dryer.
12:30 - Eben wanted a Special Helper Rocket so he sorted the clothes. Kivi and Jasper played.
Played until nap.

2:00 - Nap time for everyone! Until 4:00.

6:00 - Here's where our day was much different than normal. We picked up Mr. Andy's RV so we could go camping. We parked at church to have an egg roll dinner, cause Dada had to mow the church lawn. Opal took a nap in the back of the RV.

6:30 - They had to eat all their egg roll before they could go on the tractor. No one really liked the egg rolls. It took them a long time to eat just 1/2 of an egg roll. Eben and Kivi got rides with Dada. Bubba was terrified. After their rides, they got ice cream sandwiches from Rusty.
(My camera died, so I didn't get to take pics of the rest of the day.)

7:00 - We watched "Madagascar" in the RV. And Dada finished mowing just as the movie ended.
9:00 - We took the RV home, put on jammies, brushed teeth and went to bed.

And that's a day in the life of a Johnson.


Julie said...

Just remember, nobody likes a show off! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great job, Major Mom!