Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Godfather Party

On June 25th, we had a party for all of the "Godfathers", high schoolers who adopted our kids and love them. We had different challenges to see who would be the "Godfather of the Year". 

Here's Elise, Camille and Jordan after the cake decorating challenge, Eben's idea, of course. 

The kids have always wanted to have silly string fight, so I let them have one. Turns out, it's too hard for them to press the nozzle. Oh well. We had fun anyway.

Here are the little trophies Eben and Kivi made for the winners of each challenge.

Elise won the cake decorating contest and the catch the Skittle in your mouth challenge. Salish won the boat race, Camille won the Kid quiz.  Jordan and Seth, sorry boys, better luck next year. So, Elise is the "Godfather of the Year"!

For more Godfather's Day pics:

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Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

That is super fun! It's cool that the kids came up with the stuff.