Monday, August 18, 2008

Eben's Trip to the IMAX

On July 25th, Eben used his Special Helper Rockets to take Dada on a trip to the Seattle Center to see the IMAX movie - Speed.  

Here's Eben's blog on his special day, "Dada and I took a bus ride to Seattle and we got hot cocoa, then we saw a pool that we could swim in on a hot day, and we saw the Space Needle. And I got to do a water thing. I got to see a movie called Speed about race cars. I liked how it was too big to be a movie screen  - it could be a wall!  We went through a maze, we played tip tap toe against a robot. I got to sit in a big chair, and I played instruments. And I went in the butterfly room, and I did a big zipper. Because I had 6 Special Helper Rockets. Thank you Dada for bringing me to Seattle."

This is a picture of me listening to music on the bus.

This is me and Dada playing tip tap toe against the robot.

This is me looking at a butterfly. I liked how I saw

This is me in a space ship. I pushed buttons and levers.

This is me having a big head. Because I was in a funny mirror.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Eben! Your dad sounds like he really rocks!!

Tiffany Nevil said...

You might need to tell us more about special helper rockets. And we get it,'re the rock. Ha ha ha..