Friday, August 29, 2008

Princess Kivi the Sweet's Royal Celebration

Our little princess turned 3 on July 14, 2008, however we didn't celebrate her birthday until August 9th.  But such a royal tadoo was made over her that I think it didn't matter at all, that and the fact she's only three. We decided to have it in August so my family could join us too. And what a celebration we had!  Everyone made it so festive by dressing up in costumes. Girls were princesses, guys were knights or jesters, although, I think only Poppie and Jasper were jesters. Nonnie did Kivi's hair and got her all ready for her big day. She felt so special and beautiful.

Dada and Mama with our sweet little 3 year old Pea.
Dada made his own crown and made Mama happy by wearing a great king outfit.
Cooper gave her the sweet pea flowers, isn't that perfect!

A group picture. Although everyone wasn't there yet, we didn't know when we'd get the chance again.

We feasted on royal yard bird, cooked carrot spears, royal rolls and princess punch, medieval style (without silverware). Some knights fought throughout the feast. 

Three little princesses. Opal, Peyton and Hannah.

The knights fighting the dragon with arrows. "Don't worry, Princess Pea, they'll save you!"

Jester Poppie amazes the crowd with his jesterly act of what we think was magic, sword swallowing and juggling?

The princesses dance! (I like how King Peter is slaying Knight Logan in the background.)

The dads perform a pyramid for the princess.

The Royal Castle Cake! Which almost everyone in our family, minus Dada and Poppie, had a hand in making the day before.

Kivi blowing out her 3 candles. 

Present time for the Pea! Thank you everyone for all the gifts.  Right after opening the presents it started to rain, thus the party came to an end.

Princess Mashel stayed after to take our family portrait, under the deck, since it was raining.

Kivi and her loving, fun-spirited family, who are such good sports dressing up and doing the crazy things I plan.

After nap, the first thing Kivi said was, "Mama, that was a wonderful party!" I'm glad you liked it little Sweetie Pea, cause we love you so much. You are our little princess and more importantly, you are a part of God's royal family. Dada and I are so blessed that He chose us to raise you, teach you about Him, and watch you grow to live for Him.  Always remember that He is your King and loves you more than anything!


Julie said...

That looks like crazy fun! You could start a business doing kids' parties. :)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing everyone on your blog page. I miss my little Kivi-Wivi Princess Pea, Eben-man Super Heroe, Jasper Cutie-Pie Charmer Boy and Precious Opal Baby Girl. What gorgeous children!!!!! Love, Mommacita

Anonymous said...

You write very well.