Sunday, October 17, 2010

September Stuff

On Sept 17th we decided to go to the Seattle Science Center with all the kiddos, but alas, it was closed! This makes two trips to the closed museum this year. Maybe one day we'll learn and find out online, before we leave the house, if it's open. We still had a fun day, walking around the Space Needle, fountains and climbing on stuff.

Then we went to visit my sister at her work and walk a little of Green Lake before hanging at her place.

Sept 19th
Since Kivi is now 5 she got to take her first ride on the motorcycle with Dada!

This is why I love having our kids all close in age! They turned Berg's seat upside-down and into a spaceship.

Sept. 20th
And this is why having the older kids around all day is a great thing! This is Kivi's first poopy diaper. She's so great with Berg and loves to take care of him.

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Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

AND, Kivi is changing a diaper with pretty, curled hair, which is way more than I can do!