Saturday, February 2, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve service at Lake City was packed, which was a great thing. We didn't get there late, but we didn't come early, so we sat out on the couches and the floor in the back of the sanctuary. It actually ended up being a good thing for the little people. Dada didn't make it to service as he was busy at work with a hostage situation, but he met up with us later at the Schocks for dinner.

The bigger kids all sat in the back of the sanctuary with their candles lit.

Mama and the kids with the tree on the stage, because the one in the foyer was crowded and since we didn't have Dada with us I thought we'd change it up.

After the Schocks, we came home and opened our one present - matching "surprise" Christmas jammies! They're not really a surprise anymore. They've got it figured out now, but it's still fun to open them and see what they look like.

 I couldn't find any men's jammie pants on sale at the end of last year, which is what I usually use to make the kids. I did find super soft blankets this December for only $4.50 - way cheaper than a pair of pants, so I ended up making the Mama and Dada ones too. It was a lot more work, but we all still matched, and they were super comfy! All the girls got have ruffles this year!

 Next, we all put on our jammies. Berg is still figuring this part out.

Then we watched The First Noel movie before putting the kids to bed.

Before Mama and Dada went to bed Mama made sure Jesus' birthday cake was ready - Cranberry Bliss Bar Cake,

and stuffed the stockings with goodies while poor Dada wrote his super long report on his super long work day.

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Momacita said...

It's fun to see the "opening of the jammies on Christmas Eve" tradition being carried on. I wonder how many years you will continue with the matching jammie plan. So cute!