Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pretend Snow!

On Dec. 22nd the Schocks took Eben, Kivi and Jasper for a fun day sledding in the snow! They loved it! While the big kids were having fun in the real snow, we made some of our own to play in out of shaving cream! They had a blast drawing, rubbing, splattering and putting it all over their arms. 

The great thing about shaving cream is that it's really easy to clean up, it just wipes off and leaves the room smelling great. They played with it for about 2 hours!

Berg trying to blow it off of his nose. He's so hilarious.

Pella crawled all around looking for treasure while Opal and Berg played in their "snow".

Here are the kids sledding in the real snow!

Christmas Eve's Eve all four little ones wanted to take a bath together. Eben and Kivi take their own showers now. They're so grown up! (I like how the doll is scrubbing her own back in this photo.)

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