Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kivi's Wakeboarding Birthday!

Since we were on the road to CA for Kivi's actual 8th birthday we waited until we got home and had her party on August 9th. She wanted a wakeboarding party. Since we knew no one else would actually wakeboard though, Dada and Poppie took her out before her party started so she could do some runs and double with Dada. They did their cool trick where Kivi goes under Dada's rope back and forth across the wake. 
We decorated the lake side for her big day in green and blue, the color of water and her favorite color.

It was a perfect hot swimming day, so that's just what all the kids did, the whole time. Races off the dock, tubing behind the boat, finding jewels in the sand occupied the kids' time...

and hugging. Ahhh - brothers and sister who love each other.

We also cooled off with an ice cream sundae bar. Toppings were donated by the leftovers from Buggy's wedding! Also, at Kivi's request, I made carrot cake cupcakes. News to me, I thought she hated all kinds of cake.

Kivi's ninth "Kissing Picture"on her 8th birthday (because the first one was the day she was born)

After singing, "Happy Birthday"everyone got in line to get some ice cream. Dada scooped and Mama helped with the messy caramel and chocolate sauces.

Kivi has lots of people who love her! I actually let her invite more people than normal thinking not many would be able to come in the middle of summer, and we gave very last minute notice of this party. Everyone except one family was able to come!

She received many lovely gifts. Pella also enjoyed them all and wanted to hold all of them.

For those who stayed late into the night, we got out the s'mores because you can't have too much sugary goodness at a birthday party.

Kivi and her grandparents on her special day!

Kivi, you are such a special girl! You are so helpful around the house, with the babies, in the van, helping the middles, cooking (especially eggs and quesadillas), I don't know what we'd do without you! You are sweet and loving, kind and compassionate. You work hard, really hard to accomplish goals you set for yourself, like memorizing all the special pin verses there were to memorize, getting your school done on Thursdays so you can have Fridays free and even wake boarding. You are friendly to everyone and don't want anyone to feel left out. You are super, duper smart and have completed third grade material even though you are suppose to be just beginning the third grade. You still need some help controlling yourself when you get overwhelmed or upset. You are learning to take it to God first before freaking out. But that's really a lesson everyone has a hard time doing. I think God has amazing things planned for your life and you're learning these lessons and to depend on Him more now so you can help others trust in Him too. We love you, Pea! Happy 8th Birthday! (Even though you did have to be seven at the same time as Jasper this year for a month! - Ha!)

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Momacita said...

It was a fun day, the weather was perfect, and such a nice turn out. All 6 of the kids are such blessings, but truly there is something special about Kivi. (I think I say this about each one). She is so smart and kind and loving and caring and giving and funny and adorable. You and Peter make awesome children. I love you.