Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chin Nativity

The kids chose who they would be in the nativity story and one by one I took them down into the boys room (where it would be quiet), had them lay upside down on a pillow, dressed up their chin and interviewed their character. They ended up telling the story of the nativity in the cutest way. Eben then edited it on the Mac. I made his version a little shorter:

Opal as Mary:

Eben as Joseph:

Kivi as the Innkeeper:

Jasper as Shepherd 1:

 Berg as Shepherd 2:

Pella as Baby Jesus (and a sheep):

The shepherd part is definitely our favorite part. Jasper took on this hilarious accent throughout his interview, we had to cut out a lot of his. It went on forever. We quote this almost everyday. Our favorites are, "Baaa," "Come on sheep," "Bright light!" "They were God's angels" and "Oh Holy Gaaaawwwwwd, my Saviooooorrrrr"

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