Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

After attending our church's Christmas Eve candlelight service we all came home and opened the white boxes under the tree, the matching Christmas jammies! This year they were green, fuzzy, glittering and looked a little like astroturf. They were super comfy though. The girls were really excited because for the first time I made them dresses. They kept asking if I would make them dress jammies, but I never really said I would so they didn't know if they'd be getting dresses or pants. They jumped up and down when they saw them.
Then they all put them on and jumped inside their boxes that they had just opened and we played dance music while they pretended to be jack-in-the-boxes and danced around the living room until bedtime. They all chose to sleep together in the boys' room and have a fun Christmas sleepover.

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