Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December - Week 2

The second week of December included lots of plays and sewing. On Sunday the 8th, the big four and I went with our friends the Schocks to the Nativity Ballet. Before the ballet I snapped a pic of all the kids because they all looked so Christmassy after church.

 The kids reenacting the ballet they just saw:

We also stayed and let the kids make gingerbread cookies for the Heritage Christian School's Christmas performance which we saw the next night.

My poor sewing machine died on me. I go through them like hot cakes. Peter priced out trying to get it fixed and realized it was cheaper to just buy a new one. He got me a really nice Brother at Walmart and I taught him how to sew! He loved it! He actually ended up making all of the boys, his and my Christmas pants on Monday.

Kivi worked really hard using the new sewing machine too. She set a goal to buy lots of animals for people in poverty around the world. She set aside money from her own account and made bags out of our chicken feed bags to sell to make up for the rest of the money she needed. She worked so hard and has such a heart for giving.

They turned out beautifully and they are super strong! And as of yesterday she just sold her last bag so she can now buy the animals! She's so excited!

On the 12th, as we were eating breakfast, Opal laid down on my lap and I covered her eyes and nose with my hand while she talked. All of a sudden I got a great idea for how we would spend our homeschool day! I asked the kids, "Do you want to make a fun Christmas movie today?" and the Chin Nativity was born. I'll post this next!

December 13, 14 and 15th Peter, Kivi and I were in our church's Christmas play called, "The Christmas Plan" which was basically about how we had no plan for this year's production. I had a small part, Peter and Jeremy were the main "planners" of the play and Kivi didn't actually have a part in the play (although she and a covered up Eben were in the audition video) but Mr. Pritchard used her as an illustration during his sermonette. She was super cute demonstrating how we decide to reject or come to God!

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