Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Pageant 2014 - Camp Heart and Soul

The kids at our church used to put on a Christmas pageant, but the season got so busy and crowded that it was moved to a Spring pageant. Miss Niki worked with the actors and I did the choreography. We actually only had a handful of practices after church on Sundays and I didn't think we were ready to perform at all, but the kids did amazing! They were great! It was a very fun pageant with some fun songs and a message about how we all need to work together as the body of Christ. Eben, Jasper and Opal were dancers and Kivi was an actor, who played the part of a dancer.

Eben and Reagan doing their dance to "Whatever You Do". 

 Kivi singing a trio and Opal dancing in "Lost Little Lamb".

Jasper dancing in the finale.

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