Monday, July 21, 2014

Berg's Motorcycle Birthday!

Berg turned 4 on May 17th, but I was at our church's women's retreat and the next couple of weeks were booked up as far as having a party was concerned, so... about a month later (June 11th) we got to celebrate! Berg didn't actually know it was his birthday because we never told him. We've made this mistake before and unless there's a party to go with our birthday wishes it's just confusing for little ones. He was so excited for this motorcycle party and talked about it forever!

He wanted it in the church foyer just like his last party, which actually had to be moved there last minute because of rain!

We set up Berg's Burger Bar for dinner and Uncle Chris grilled up some tasty bacon cheeseburgers. 

After dinner Dada got out the motorized vehicles: the go cart and a little, yellow motorcycle that the big kids can actually ride themselves.

Uncle Chris even brought another little, blue motorcycle which was perfect because the go cart blew a chain.

Everyone had such a fun time taking turns riding around the church parking lot!

It was even fun to watch everyone drive around and cheer them on.

Of course we had to kiss our new, big 4 year old!

 We ended the night singing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday boy, making ice cream cone creations, opening presents (lots of motorcycles made for one happy Berg!) and hugging all our friends goodbye!

Berg, you are one amazing four year old! You are so happy, cuddly, encouraging and loving. I always hear you tell your brothers and sisters that they are awesome and you tell me everyday that I am cute! Wow! What a boy! Right now you love motorcycles (of course), trucks, sand and playing/taking care of/teasing Pella. We call you Squishy because you're so fun to tickle and squeeze and you feel like you're filled with squishy goo. You love being a big brother, but sometimes you love her too much and she is done having you hug or smother her. We love you so much you can't imagine. We are all blessed that you are in our family. We thank God for you everyday! We know you will do amazing things in your life, you already do now.

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