Sunday, February 21, 2016

Snow White and the Harvest Carnival

This year I made a deal with the kids for Harvest Carnival. Usually the kids choose the theme that we will all dress up as and I work hard to get everyone's costumes put together so we can go to the Harvest Carnival at our church as a dressed up family unit. But this year was the only year we would have 7 children in our family for Oct. 31st, so they agreed to be the seven dwarves from Snow White. I told them we would make it even funnier and they would look like real dwarves if Dada was Snow White! They were excited about that one and Dada said yes to our little plan. They all chose which Dwarf they would be and miraculously they all wanted to be a different one!

They all made the cutest little dwarves and wore their beards and pouchy bellies happily, but Dada, of course, was the fairest of them all.

A sweet young couple in our church, who are now in our young marrieds group, dressed up as our family next to the carnival booth that they ran. They taped clothes on the wall with balloons as heads and rocks as faces and dressed up as Peter and I. It was the best thing of the night! So hilarious!

So we started our evening at their booth and went around the room playing the cute carnival games, getting our badges marked off, posing for random pictures and getting candy.

Seeing all of our friends dressed up in their costumes is a highlight, too!

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