Friday, January 6, 2017

Goodbye Summer - Seaside 2016

We continued our tradition of getting away to Seaside, OR at the beginning of summer and now at the end. It's a fun way to say goodbye to our crazy months of no school. Which I never intend to happen. I always want to to homeschool all through the summer, but we get so busy, have so many people visit and this year especially hosted so many parties!! Nine this summer, so Lake Steilacoom and this new house are getting used.

We went to Goodwill of course, bought our toys and activities and Tuffy and Eben both got bikes! We watched lots of movies, ate lots of snacks, rode bikes, played at the beach and ate our ice cream daily.

Berg learned how to ride his two-wheeler on this trip, though he was very timid.  He did it! Then Pella wanted to learn too and she picked it up super fast! I see a resemblance here. Kivi trying to beat the Eben and Pella trying to catch up to the Berg.

Tuffy was either on his new bike or stomping around in the only puddle on the street while the kids zoomed around him.

Kivi and Mama both spun the wheel and won a prize at the Candy Man, our daily ice cream stop!

We spent a lot of time at the beach this trip too. Pella collected every stinky crab shell and Tuff collected sand in his pants.

The kids jumped in the waves and Dada and the boys threw a football around.

We did something new this trip! We went to the community pool! It was great. Everyone swam, even Coal, Berg and Mama. The water was sooo warm. They had life jackets for the kids to wear, floaties, a rock wall, a cool slide, flippers, huge floating mats, and a rope swing! We went there twice!

Right outside the pool there was a skate park on which the bigs were super excited to try out their rip sticks. They gave us a great show!

Our family beach line up, taken with the self timer! Only Tuff's not looking, so you can't beat that.

Dada bought some wood so we could have a sunset, beach bonfire and roast marshymallows. Coal loved it! Well, everyone did. It was a great ending to our Seaside Goodbye Summer Getaway.

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