Friday, January 6, 2017

Jasper's Amazing Foam Birthday!

Jasper chose an amazing birthday theme this year, Foam Party! We celebrated this 10 year old's party on the 10th this year and it was a perfect sunny day to slide down our hill into a pile of foam! 
One hundred feet of plastic + a great slope down to the lake + John Schock's magical foam machine + friends = one great 10th birthday party for our Jasper.

Jasper you are so much fun! You alway have a rhythm going in your head, your feet, your hands and your mouth.  You love to dance, build, sing, kayak, Heely and Rip stick. You are happy all the time! You are Mr. Friendly and don't know a stranger. You love your hair and named him Arnold. You don't get in trouble often and if you do, or someone talks sternly to you your throat tightens and you can't breathe. You are a size 7 and growing. You've decided that you can't have milk, peanuts or strawberries and don't even eat ice cream because it makes you hurt. You make good decisions and stand up for others. You choose the right. You love your big brother and sister and play with Kivi most often. You are helpful and often go the extra mile around the house. You are diligent and get your school done quickly. You are great at math and comprehending what you read. You are a blessing and we love that you are in our family, Jasper. You will do so much to spread God's love to others! Happy 10th Birthday, Bubba! We love you!

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