Saturday, January 14, 2017

We have a TEEN!

Eben researched and found that BrickCon was coming to Seattle Oct. 1st, so he decided that's what he wanted to do for his 13th birthday. He invited a small group of guys and Jasper and Kivi to go with him to look at tons of Lego creations. Since it was all the way in Seattle and started at 10am we fed everyone a donut breakfast first. 

They also got to build their own creations. And really, if there are legos around, how can you not?
They ate a Subway lunch while they watched a robot battle at Seattle Center then and went Ripstiking around Green Lake and at a skate park.

When they came back home we had dinner and sang, "Happy Birthday" to our teen while we ate some cobbler.
We also kissed the man-child, whom we will alway kiss no matter how old he gets.

Happy 13th Birthday, Eben! You are amazing! You're a creative, original, easy-going, friendly, low maintenance, confident, funny, problem solving, baby loving brother. You love computers, Ripstiking, Heelying, Zelda, and hugging. You don't love math or going to the basement by yourself. You go to youth group, help on the tech team at church, and help out at Computer Clubhouse. You love playing with Jasper, cuddling Opal, being with Kivi, carrying Coal, teasing Berg, babying Pella and everything about Tuff. You are one extraordinary big brother to a lot of little people and you are so good at loving them. Once when I got up and saw you holding Coal on the couch early in the morning I said, "Did he wake up?" and you answered, "Yeah, he woke up at two." You didn't even wake me or Dada up! You just loved your baby brother and took care of him. What a man you are becoming! You are treasured and loved and we appreciate all you do for our family and God's kingdom.  Matthew 6:33 "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

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