Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Air Show

On July 18th, we went to the Mc Chord Air Force Base to see the Air Show's special viewing for military and police officers.  We had no idea where to go and ended up far away from the main hub of excitement - the stands and food concessions, but we still saw the planes. Besides the kids were way more into the stationary ones anyway.

At every plane that was on display Eben had to stick his head into the hole where the wheels went when the plane took off.  Every plane was a new adventure. He would find the wheel, stick his head up into the hole, find the little door that led to the middle of the plane and say, " See Mama! That's where Buzz and Woody come out!" It was funny at first and then I was thinking, "Oh man, He's gonna do this for every one!" And he did. And by the time we were done sticking our heads up every wheel hole the Thunderbirds started. And then it was time to go home. 

Here he is showing Kivi how to stick her head into the hole. He had to lift her up to get her head into the hole.

Sittin' on the wing.

The Boys.

The Thunderbirds. They were loud, but they were cool!
I love this picture. It was way harder than I thought to get a picture of them. They're really fast!


Mashel said...

I love that you figured out how to put video's on here! They are very cool. Looks like you had a fun day.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to know who the mental patient is who you hear laughing at the shiney object on the end of this video, allow me to take a bow.
I like the videos, babe.