Saturday, July 5, 2008

RVing at Chehalis

June 6-9, we went on a mini family vacation to the Chehalis Thousand Trails with Mr. Andy's RV. The kids LOVED it! It rained the whole time but that didn't stop us from having fun. We went on little hikes, Eben rode his bike, and Jasper and Kivi loved splashing in mud puddles. We watched movies, swam in the pool (yes, in the rain) did crafts, and had a dance party. Peter and I even got to go on a mini date, we played ping pong (I worked Peter), played pool (Peter worked me), and went in the hot tub while Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids.

Puddle time!

Riding in the rain.

Dada made us omelets and bacon every morning.

Looking for pennies in the pool.

Dada, Mama and Eben got to go on a hay ride pulled by a tractor. 
Minus the hay. They had to use it all for the floods.

Craft time. Eben made a race car and Kivi made a bird house. Or should I say Dada mainly made these things. Well, they did their share of painting. Bubba painted newspaper with water.

So we have this crazy, great, insane, wonderful idea to go around the US for a year with our kids. We would be able to not only teach them about our country but show them. A year of field trips. Isn't that every kid's favorite part about school? We would, if we don't have anymore kids, do this in about 4 years, because all of the kids would be elementary age and probably remember it. Anyway, our little trip to Chehalis, be it only 4 days, made us so excited about this idea. To think of touring the US with our family, everyday, to be together, learn together, make memories, be in a crowded RV together with one little bathroom - it makes us giddy! Maybe God will actually allow us to do it.  We'll see!

Thanks Mr. Andy for letting us borrow your RV!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for Thousand Trails!


Julie said...

Rob and I have talked (dreamed) about doing the same thing. God willing... :)

Anonymous said...

I look good cooking in an RV! Let's do it!