Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're Going to the ZOO, ZOO, ZOO!

Our summer girl's Bible study went to the zoo on Aug 6th, and thanks to Mashel and her awesome zoo pass my family was able to go for free (my favorite way to go). 

Mimi, Nonnie and Buggy with the kiddos on the wooden bear at entrance to Point Defiance Zoo.

The new kid section that was just added is great! Giant birds nests, spider webs to crawl on, sea turtles (not real ones) to find in the sand and real animals to see. Here's Bubba as a big snail. 

I just love this pic of Kivi's crazy tuck her lip under smile and those sunglasses! I think they're looking at a frog.

Our whole gang! Actually, my fam probably takes up half the group here. But we only account for one of the strollers. Where's the elephant?

Cutie Opie and Nonnie!

All the big boys (minus Jack) and one girl on a seal.


T~ said...

I love the lemurs by the kids area. I asked Crystal if we could get one but she didn't answer. Maybe for Christmas?

Mashel said...

You share your lake, I share my zoo pass. It all works out! Next we need to do Northwest trek, I have a pass for there too.
I am willing to take anyone, just let me know!