Friday, December 21, 2012

A Day at the Zoo and Decorations Too!

 The day after Pella's party Shmee loaned us her Woodland park zoo pass and we took Mimi with us to see all the animals. It was our first time visiting this zoo and it was very beautiful. Too bad we had a limited time frame with our nappers. We didn't even get to see the whole thing.

Our favorite animals were the gorillas and the elephants. We also really liked the Amazon exibit, especially since we've "been there" in our homeschooling adventures. This elephant danced for us the whole time. Afterward, we met up with Poppie and Nonnie and Shmee and Mr. Steve for some Mexican.

The day after that we decorated the tree! It was a cozy, warm, fun evening of putting up Christmas decorations after repositioning all of the furniture and cleaning all day.

It was Opal's year to put up the star. She was so nervous to go up so high on Dada's shoulders.

Jasper and Mimi take a break from decorating to cuddle.

Pella decided to stand all by herself for the first time! Kivi has been working very hard with her on this and she was very proud of her. She still can't really do it yet, but she's getting closer.

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Momacita said...

Poppie and I were helping Shannon and Steve strip wallpaper from his bathroom while you were having fun at the zoo. But I'm glad we met up for dinner. The kids did a super job decorating the tree, even if Shari Shock doesn't believe they did it by themselves!!! I can verify! Love the picture of Mimi and Jasper.
I love you,