Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pella Pie's First Birthday Party

On the evening of November 23rd, Pella's actual birthday, we celebrated our baby girl's first birthday with all our family and the Schocks (who are basically family).  After the tree cutting adventure, everyone helped clean up the house and then took naps leaving me to decorate the place and cook the chicken pot pies and shepherd's pies we would be having for dinner that evening. The fall decor came in handy since it was a Pie/Fall inspired party and I strung photos of Pella across the mantle and large window above the table of pies for a game and for cuteness.

I also made these cute little paper pie slices and put them all around the upstairs with activities for everyone to do throughout the night like, "Give Pella a kiss." or "Write Pella a poem." although I'm not sure if everyone did them.

Nonnie and Grandma did!

Eben, Mr. Steve and Dodie trying to figure out how old Pella is in all the pictures on the mantle. Dodie won!

Pella's "kissing picture" with Mama and Dada. She better get used to it, she has many more to look forward to.

The Pie Table! Well, the dessert pies, the dinner pies were served in the dining room. The key lime and chocolate silk were the big favorites.

After dinner, Pella opened her presents and gave kisses to her guests to thank them. Her brothers made her a big pie poster and Kivi sewed her a pillow.

I drew her name on the pumpkin pie in chocolate syrup real fast realizing her name wasn't on it. Since there was no cake, I forgot about the decorative part.

She timidly poked at the pie till we put cool whip on it. Then she started to dig in.

Pella and all her guests!

After we all ate pie, everyone talked Dada into letting them watch his Price Is Right video from 1997 where he won the showdown and spun a dollar on the wheel. It's on video so we all had to watch the tiny little TV that only plays VCRs from the boys' room. Then Eben and Kivi entertained us all with the "Man Show" where Kivi gets on Eben's shoulders and they wear Dada's clothes and look like a tall man. It was hilarious and we all almost died laughing.

It was a fun party and a busy day. It turned out great!

Pella Pie, we love you so much! You are so much fun and a joy to watch grow right before our eyes. You love, love your brothers and sisters. They all take such good care of you. You are their priority and you know it. You can always make us smile. You are learning so much. You talk nonsense little sounds, but I think you completely know what you're saying. You like to play with your brothers and sister's toys (not your own) and to crawl all around the upstairs. You love to be held by Kivi and Mama. You love meat. You don't like hats. You try to stand up all the time, but you can't walk or stand up by yourself yet, although I'm sure it's coming very soon. You have such a sweet little personality, I was sure you were going to be ultra strong willed, but now I'm not so sure. You go with the flow and you're becoming pretty flexible and patient even. I'm excited to see how you're going to grow and change and be used by God in your lifetime. I'm sure you'll surprise us all with the amazing things He will do in you. You are an amazing "Little Baby Goo" already!


Momacita said...

For the record, just so you know, your silly momma calls you "Baby Goo", but Nonnie calls you "Pella Bella". "Bella" means beautiful, and that's what you are to me. You are such a special gift from God. And oh how you are loved! I pray that you will grow into a young woman who loves and honors Christ with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. May God bless you beyond anything that you can imagine as you choose to live your sweet life to honor Him. I love you sooooooooooooooo much.

The Johnsons said...

When did our baby get so round? Great party and great post, babe!

The Johnsons said...
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Tiffany Nevil said...

Happy Birthday baby Pella! You are such a cute little cherubim!

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