Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hunter's Tree Farm

The day after Thanksgiving we took Mimi, Nonnie, Poppie, Dodie and Mr. Steve with us to go chop down our tree at the same place we've gone for years, Hunter's in Lacey. After saying, "Hi" to the goats, we hopped on the wagon pulled by the tractor and slowly drove through the trees till we got to the Noble section. Then the kids went racing into the forest to find "the perfect tree". 

My sweet little Pella Pie on her first birthday, we celebrated her birthday later that evening. It was a full day of fun!

Shmee took some great shots of the kids. I love this one of Berg hiding in the tree.

It's so special to share these memories with Poppie and Nonnie when the come up to our cold state. Actually, Poppie looks like he's getting use to it!

The kids raced here and there and the adults just tried to follow and catch up. After many treks back and forth and pointing out many different trees, none of which Mama approved, we finally found the best one and the kids helped Dada chop it down. It was quite muddy. The bottom half of Kivi's dress is now brown.

Just as we got back on the wagon with our tree it started to rain, so we took our group shot inside the barn.

Santa was waiting for us when we got back and he gave all the kids a candy cane to go with their free hot cocoa! Afterward we all drove bus to get some pizza for lunch and then home for naps while Mama got the house ready for the party!


Momacita said...

What a fun day - a little wet and muddy, but no one seemed to mind. A great tradition that the kids will always remember fondly. Love the picture of you and Pella and the one of Berg peeking from behind the tree.
I love you,

The Johnsons said...

We need your sis to be around more with our camera. These shots are great. Also, thank you for excluding the special shots you took of me cutting down the tree.

Tiffany Nevil said...

Ah man! Is this the first year it is family only? So weird......

But hey! We brought the tradition to St. Louis! We went and did this too! See how inspiring you are?