Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dada's Very Good Day!

The chief told Peter he should go to the city breakfast on Dec. 20th.  So he went. When he got there he was told to see the assistant chief. He told him was getting promoted to investigations in the property/robbery division starting the first of the year! He sat down with his co-workers to have breakfast and was given an award for Employee of the Quarter which came with a day off! After receiving his award he sat back down and they did an employee raffle drawing and he won a gift certificate to a local restaurant! We had a fun day together, setting up the rest of the pageant. Later that day as we were getting ready for our cute family Christmas pageant, he went to pick up Chinese food for our dinner, knowing we didn't have enough time to make it. Panda Express gave Peter 3 huge family meals for free! After our yummy dinner, we headed to the church and watched our kids and their friends tell the story of Christ's birth in costume. It was so precious. It was the best.


Krystal~ said...

Way to go Peter! :)

Miss your amazing family!!! <3

Tiffany Nevil said...

I'm so behind on reading you guy's blog! But WAY TO GO PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!