Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Valentine's Meal Made into a Game

Peter and Chris were their teams head chefs.
The ingredients were all a surprise purchased by the ladies and were chosen by the roll of a dice: 
1 & 4: pick a food   2 &5: pick a food for the other team 3 & 6: the other team gets to pick a food for you (or something like that).
The guys had to use every ingredient in some way, but they didn't have to use all of it. Some mystery ingredients were oysters, jasmine tea, a coconut, hearts of palm, jicama. Both teams had a meat, a starch and vegetables, so if one team chose the pork the other team automatically got the beef.

While the guys cooked, the girls had the difficult duty of talking and eating appetizers. 

 They did an amazing job! Everything tasted soooo good! 

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Momacita said...

What a cute idea! This might have to become a regular event. So glad you have such fun friends.