Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Holy Week Highlights and Passover

Every year Miss Niki lets us borrow the tabernacle so we can play and learn from it on Monday, the Cleansing out the Temple Day. The kids still love it and are gentle with all of it's little pieces.

They went a step further this year and built their own temple out of our Costco boxes, since we have to go there every week now, we get a lot of boxes. The sign says, "The Johnson Temple". The boys also worked very hard on their own Lego temple which they showed everyone at Passover.

We made some Holy week movies too. On Sunday after the kids sang in big church and waved palm branches they were able to bring them home and they made a Berg (Jesus) riding on an Eben (donkey) around our living room (to Jerusalem) film. On Monday they each took turns being Jesus flipping over the money changers tables and healing people in the temple. 

On Tuesday I put a sticker on their Holy Week poster when I saw them doing something that showed love for the Lord or love for their neighbor.

Wednesday they made up their own activity. They cut flowers, soaked them in water, grated them and then strained it out and made their own perfume - ingenious!  Opal made Narcissus, Kivi and Berg made Lavender (it smelled really good!) and Jasper made Dandelion. 

Thursday we spent all day preparing for... Passover!! Yippee! Jasper helped separate the egg whites we needed for our Gateau a Chocolat (French Kosher Chocolate cake). Kivi made the ganache. 

We set the tables up in the middle of the living room, one up for the adults and one on the floor for the kids. Your welcome, Dada!

After the Seder meal, which Peter did an excellent job leading, we ate our meal. The Passover feast consisted of delicious prime rib, steamed carrots, asparagus, latkes, matzoh ball soup, fruit, salad, and of course matzah! 
Clockwise from top left: Eben performing his dance he made up for the worship part of the Passover, the drops of grape juice we put on our plates every time we list one of the plagues, the kids running to find the Afikomen, happy Pella and relaxed Mama (best year I've ever had as far as having no expectations!), Dada rewarding Caden for finding the Afikomen, Berg getting ready to begin the Seder with prayer, the kids table on the floor, Mama washing Eben's hands during the meal.

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Momacita said...

Rich with meaning, Christ honoring and so much fun! What a special, happy tradition! I wish we had done this when I was young instead of eating ham on Easter Sunday.