Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our Quiet Fourth

The third of July we tried out going to Anderson Island. Lots of people from our church go for the actual Independence Day, but we didn't feel like crowds so we ferried over with the Millers and hung out with a couple more church families on the beach playing frisbee and eating crabs at the Van Houte Family beach house. It was low key and quiet. 

On the actual 4th of July day we did...nothing.  Our lake didn't put on a fireworks show. No decorations (they were all packed already). No party.  We only had five kids! It was crazy - quiet. We had planned on going to the Steilacoom parade but we were so lazy that didn't even happen. Actually it felt good to have no plans. It was hot. We swam. I even swam, that's how hot it was. Eben had fun playing around with fire crackers, we didn't even buy any fireworks.

Later that evening we headed over to our soon to be neighbors on Lake Steilacoom, the Evarts. There we watched their next door neighbors amazing personal fireworks show with glow sticks. After the show I gave the kids a gallon of ice cream and a handful of spoons to devour on a blanket. They loved it. Happy Quiet Independence Day.

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