Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shmee's Wedding

We drove down to CA in record time about 18 hours actually. The kids did amazing! Dada is amazing, he drove straight through the whole time. We got to CA, late Wednesday night and set up camp at Mimi's house. God bless Mimi. She housed us all and my two aunts. The kids took over the whole living room and basically made one huge bed out of the floor. During the day we would go over to Poppie and Nonnie's house and, of course, the kids would swim. It was very hot, I even swam.

Thursday was the Bachelorette and Bachelor parties. The guys took Steve fishing. The girls took Shmee on a scavenger hunt of her childhood, we didn't finish, so we didn't get to her adulthood years.  At each stop there was a question she had to answer and if she got it wrong she had to wear something crazy and if she got it right she got to draw a mustache on one of us. Only Bug, Fifi and Nancy got mustaches. Then mustaches, crazy clothes and all, we went to Maggiano's for dinner and county dancing, although we didn't stay long because we're old and got tired.

Friday was the Rehearsal and Dinner where we all learned the flash mob dance.

Saturday, Eben and Kivi made the Wedding Cake! It took them all day. Between swimming and eating they managed to make two small layers and two big layers and put them together with bright pick frosting, which they said Mr. Steve wanted. Late that night, they frosted the whole thing and right before the wedding started, they put on the flowers and heaviest cake topper ever.

And Sunday was the Big Day - The Wedding!  It was beautiful! Shmee looked amazing, Missa Teeve looked great and the wedding was gorgeous and fun. Here are some pictures of the day:

The bride and groom

The Kids


The Flash Mob & Dancing

Our Family

The Sparkler Send Off

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