Friday, February 19, 2016

Fall 2015 - Muffins, Corn Maze, Boys w/ Tools

On Oct. 11th we decided it was time to make our fall muffins and meet the neighbors. A little later than our usual fall muffin delivery, but hey, we just moved so better late than never. We had a great time meeting our sweet neighbors even though some of them weren't home. They were all very happy to have some young blood on the block as they are all over 50 and there are no kids around. Two of them even invited us to come back for Halloween.

On Oct. 12th We went to Spooner Farms so that we could go through the Corn Maze! Yippee always my favorite part of fall. We tried to take our traditional kids on a bench picture, but it was super bright, so yeah for sun, but not good for kids all looking at the camera. I loved the kids hiding amongst the pumpkins pic though. We  were the only ones in the entire pumpkin patch. And we never buy them because the fire dept. gives them away for free!

This year's theme was Passport to Adventure. Everyone got their own passport and as soon as you went into the maze you had to go through a plane. Then we had to find all of the different countries hidden throughout the maze. I love their creativity and how they are so clever working the theme throughout all of that corn.

Here are some of the countries we found:
This year we thought ahead and packed a lunch, so we stopped half way through finding all the countries and took a potty break and had some food. But of course that was enough mazing for Dada and he and Tuffy took a nap in the van while we finished the rest of the maze. 

That same day the boys worked together to finish their bunk beds and used rulers, a level and a saw to cut the boards for the bottom of their beds, so they could finally sleep in their own boys' room!

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