Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Rest of October 2015!

Eben turned 12 on Oct. 20th! Even though were weren't having his party yet we took him out for Red Robin burgers for lunch. He got a sundae and a birthday song!

Later that night we went out for milkshakes at Herfy's Burgers because Berg had finished his next Phonics reading box. Everyone chose a partner and a flavor and some milkshakes still didn't get finished!

On Oct. 23rd Tuffy decided to learn how to climb stairs, which is a good thing since we have many stairs in this house. These stairs in the hallway are actually very good little stairs to practice on because he can't fall very far.

Oct. 24 we went to our free pumpkin joint - the Lakewood fire department!

We didn't carve them until Oct. 28th because we've made that mistake before and they get all moldy. This time it was just the little five as Eben and Kivi chose to go to youth group at church instead of carve. Everyone worked really hard at cleaning out their pumpkin and then lost motivation for actually carving faces on them. Tuff loved how the inside of the pumpkin felt and just kept trying to eat his.  Then the kids made up a cute little tune to sing to him to get him dancing and it went on forever. They all stopped scooping and just danced to their little song. Except Berg, he was very determined to finish.

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